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Frequently Asked Questions

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The minimum and maximum age of the driver varies depending on the type of the vehicle. It ranges from 23 to 75 years old. Please contact our office for further clarifications.

Accepted driving licences which must be in the customer’s possession for at least 2 years. European Union driving licences are accepted. USA , Canada, Israel, Australia driving licences are accepted. Other countries, International driving licence is required.

Our fuel policy is to return the vehicle with the exact fuel level as delivered (Part to Part policy). Upon the delivery of the vehicle you can check along with our representative the fuel indicator which will be marked on the rental agreement contract. Upon the return of the vehicle, in case it is returned with less fuel, the actual fuel cost will be requested, no “Refueling Services fee” is applicable in our agency! No refund is applicable for any additional unused fuel.

The rented vehicle is forbidden to move across Greek borders.

In case of a mechanic failure, the vehicle is replacing on the next 24 hours.

48 hours before the pick up, there is no cancellation fee. Full refund in case of a deposit. Modification is acceptable at any time depending on availability.

Progress Car Rental offers baby seats and boosters. The customer must determine the age of the child and they are placed by the parent or guardian.

Progress Car Rental offers rates with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Customer’s financial responsibility for damages in the rental vehicle is limited to the amount from 650 to 1500 euro. Customer may further reduce financial responsibility for damages by purchasing the Full Damage Waiver (FDW).